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Studies suggest that as much as 12 percent of adults in the United States struggle with migraines. Far worse than any ordinary headache, experiencing migraines can have a detrimental effect your ability to live a normal life. Thankfully, Grisafi Chiropractic, in Norristown, PA, can help you out with pain related to migraines. We are proud to help all residents of Norristown, Plymouth Meeting, Blue Bell, and the surrounding areas.


Chiropractic Help for Migraines

Experts are not certain what causes migraines exactly, but they do know that most migraine sufferers experience certain triggers that can often bring on a migraine headache. Emotional triggers like excitement, being overstressed, depression, and even sudden psychological trauma or shock can cause a migraine. Physical triggers also exist, such as low blood sugar, overexertion, and even poor posture. Scientists also believe things like an imbalance in brain chemicals can be related to migraines. 

What Differentiates a Migraine from a Regular Headache?

Migraines and headaches are differentiated by their intensity and their collaboration with other symptoms. If you have a typical headache, it will likely be mild and pass on its own or with the use of over-the-counter medications. Migraine headaches, on the other hand, are characterized by: 

  • Severe pain, usually on one side of the head 
  • Pain that can be described as pulsing or throbbing 
  • Increased pain during physical activity or straining 
  • Sensitivity to things like light and sound 
  • Nausea or vomiting 

Most people who have issues with migraines will, unfortunately, have repeat instances throughout the month, and some people have migraines that last for several hours or more than one day. Additionally, migraine headaches are usually so severe that they interfere with everyday activities. 

How Can a Chiropractor Help with Migraines?

Chiropractors can help with migraines even though they are not always the first medical professionals called on for the problem. In many cases, migraines seem to be caused by issues stemming from stress on the spinal column. For example, if you spend a lot of time in a sitting position, your poor posture can cause tension in the shoulders and neck, which may lead to a migraine headache. Upon initial consultation, the chiropractor will go over your usual activities and do a thorough exam to determine if musculoskeletal issues could be related to the problem. 

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Don't let the fact that you have migraines keep you away from your life. At Grisafi Chiropractic, we have the expertise and knowledge to help you with the painful symptoms of migraines. Reach out to us at Grisafi Chiropractic at 610-275-3355 to schedule an appointment today!

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